Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting services are now available at Constructionxray

Construction X-ray now has a team of Concrete Cutting Professionals on board with over 20 years experience.
The team here at Construction X-ray is excited to announce that all Concrete cutting services are now available 24/7!

Construction X-ray understands the value of all our client’s time! With just ONE phone call to Construction X-ray! Clients can now book Stages 1 & 2 together when possible ensuring a much smoother transition as communication between both trades is more frequent due to both parties working as a team.

Stage #1

  • Concrete Scanning & Hit Prevention
  • Service & Utility Location Structural Investigation & Analysis
  • Structural Design Foundation & Structural void Detection
  • Post Tension Mapping Moisture and table

Stage #2

  • Core Drilling – Multiple Sizes Concrete Cutting & Sawing Concrete polishing Track/Wall Sawing
  • Wire Sawing
  • Diamond Concrete Grinding